Office 365 Transition: Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of answers to frequently asked questions about the Office 365 migration. We plan to send out additional information in the coming days to help you with the transition.

If you have questions or problems please direct them to We have allocated additional resources to the help desk during this transition, so this will the fastest way to receive assistance.

When will my account be moved?  
The migration process will start Wednesday, May 14th and will continue for about a week. We can’t predict when your specific account will be moved.

What will happen while my account is being moved?  
If you are accessing your email from the web then you will see a message that says: Outlook Web Access could not find a mailbox for URCO_NT\username. When this happens, go to and try and log in. Use your entire email address: and the same password you have been using.

If you are using Outlook on your computer: you will have no visual indication that your mailbox is being moved. This is good because you will still be able to access previous emails and your calendar. However, any emails you write will sit in your outbox until your whole email box has been moved.

To be clear, you can write emails but they will not send for a few hours. Additionally, you will not receive emails. Remember, this will only last a few hours.

If you are unsure if your mailbox is currently being moved, first try logging in to the web mail to see if you get the error message, then try logging in to Office 365.

Both of these links are available at

How long will it take to move my account?
Only a few hours.

Will I loose access to my email and calendar while my account is being moved?  
You will be able to see all of your previous emails but you will not be able to receive new emails. You will be able to compose new emails, but they will not send until your account has finished moving. You will be able to see calendar events.

Will I need to make any changes to Outlook on my computer?  
Any rules you had previously created in Outlook will need recreated. Also, if you have your email redirected into another email account you will need to set this up again.
Will I need to make changes to my email on my smart phone or tablet?
Yes. You will need to update your phone or any mobile device. Below is information about doing so.

What do I need to do to prepare for the transition?  
You can familiarize yourself with the new Web mail incase you need to use it when you are away from your computer. Also, you can learn about the new features to see what you are interested in trying.

What do I need to do after?  
No changes are required for Outlook on your computer. You will need to reconnect your phone email. You can find instructions here on connecting an iPhone, Android Phone, and Windows phone.

Where do I go for help if I have a problem?  

Please email or call the help desk at 440-684-6013 if you have a problem during the transition. We have extra staff on hand to help with the transition. Calling one of the CIS staff member will actually take you longer to get help because we have all of our resources allocated through the help desk for this process.

Updated 4/12/2014

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