Grading in D2L: a step-by-step guide

Below are links detailing all the steps in setting up and using your D2L Grades tool.

  1. How to set up your Grades tool using the Setup Wizard
    This is the first step. Do this to choose your grade book settings.
  2. How to create grade categories and grade items This is how you create the columns in your grade book for each assignment. Use categories to organize these grade items.
  3. How to enter grades
    This is how to input grades into your grade book.
  4. Tips and tricks for editing your Grades tool
    • How to quick edit several grade items at one time
    • How to reorder grade items
    • How to delete grade items
    • How to hide grade items from the student view
  5. How to create a calculate grade item This is how you would show students what their final grade is at this point. If you want to give a midterm grade or show a running final grade before you release the final grade this is how you would do that. (Originally this was made for nursing. If the detils don’t apply to you then don’t worry about it.)
  6. How to release final grades This is what is required to release the official final grade so that the system can pick you your grade from D2L and put it into Jenzibar/MyUrsuline.

Updated 4/17/2014

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