This video shows how an instructor can add other instructors and TAs to their courses.

The difference between an “instructor” roll and the “TA” roll is that instructors can make changes in the course, whereas TAs can grade and see statistics but they can not make changes to any of the course components. You can also add someone as the roll “Support Staff”. This roll allows them to see your course and make changes to content but they can not access grades. This is meant to be for people like IT or the Media Center to help out in your D2L classroom. This roll does NOT appear in the classlist.

Students are added automatically. An existing Ursuline student who adds a course will be added to their classes overnight. A student new to Ursuline will take two nights, about 48 hours, to be added to their classes.

If a student is listed in MyUrsuline as being part of your course but isn’t listed in your D2L Classlist, please have the student contact the helpdesk. You should not contact the helpdesk for the student. 

How to add other instructors to your course from Online at Ursuline on Vimeo.

Updated 4/22 with info about TA roll.

How to add other instructors to your D2L course

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