Getting Started with Desire2Learn for New Instrutors: Additional Tools

The following help guides provides both the basics of using all the Desire2Learn tools. For a more focused guide that will take you through just the basics of achieving the university-wide requirements for D2L, visit the Just the Basics Checklist.

Assessment Tools


o   Create dropboxes to collect student assignments
o   Create Rubrics (optional)
o   Associate rubrics with dropboxes as appropriate (optional)
o   Associate Dropboxes with grade items
o   Set start dates and end dates for assignments
o   Add the Dropboxes to the content modules if you would like (optional)


o   Create Quizzes
There are many ways to import questions so you don’t need to hand enter them all. Contact Teresa Potter if you have questions
o   Choose quiz settings according to your academic honesty strategy
o   Associate quiz with grade items
o   Set quiz start and end dates
o   Add the quizzes to the content modules if you would like. This is optional


o   Create Discussions
o   Set discussion visibility and locked options
o   Associate Discussions with grade items
Video: How to make sure discussions are ready to be graded
o   Set discussion start and end dates
o   Add the discussions to the content modules if you would like. This is optional.

Once students are enrolled

o   Check your enrollment in D2L matches the enrollment in MyUrsuline.
o   Create groups if needed
o   Send welcome email to students with instructions on how to get started in D2L.

Starting Fall 2014

o   Add Student Resources Module to your course.
o   Review Sample Teaching with Technology Syllabus and see if there is anything that you would like to add to your syllabus.
o   Visit Atomic Learning library to look for applicable resources to add to your course.

Where to get help.

help 10.3
From any page in Desire2Learn click on Help Topics.
Help 10.3
 – Text based D2L Help Guides for students and instructors
Atomic Learning – Video tutorials for many different programs
Video Basics – Desire2Learn new student training videos

For technical support please contact the helpdesk by sending an email to or by calling 440-684-6013.

checklist-icon small To Print this checklist, hold down CTRL + P on your PC, or Command + P on your Mac. It will give you a printer-friendly version of this page.Check back often! New links are being added all the time to help you through this process.

Updated 8/1/2014 Has been Updated for D2L 10.3

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