How to copy content from one course into another in D2L

This helpguide describes how you can use the import/export/copy components function to copy from one Desire2Learn course to another.

You can use this process for all of the following tasks:

  • To copy an entire course from one semester to the next
  • To copy an individual component of one course into another course: content, quizzes, gradebook setup, etc.
  • To build content in a sandbox course then copy it into a live course

It is important to note that this is an import function, not a copy and paste. Go into the course you want the materials to appear in and import them.

How to copy content from one course to another in Desire2Learn from Online at Ursuline on Vimeo.

How to use the Import/Export/Copy Components Tool

  1. Navigate to the course you want the content to move into. Use the Select a Course tool to find the course.imexp1
  2. Click on the Edit Course button on the gray navigation bar.
  3. Click on Import/Export/Copy Components.imexp3
  4. Click on Search for Offering. Leave all other settings on this page as their defaults.Note that this says “Course to Copy”. Remember, you should be in the course you want the materials to appear in. You will now select the course from which you want to copy.imexp4
  5. In the Search For box type the name of the course you want to copy from and click the magnifying glass to search. Then, choose the radio button to the left of the course you want to copy from. Finally, click Add Selected.imexp5Note that the semester date is shown on the right.This can help you determine which semester you want to copy from. If it is an Angel conversion course the semester will say Past. If it is a master course then it will say Master.
  6. Your course will now be listed below the Course to Copy heading. To copy everything form this course click Copy All Components. Or, to copy just some of the course components choose Select Components.imexp6
    Be careful: If you click Copy All Components it will immediately start copying the entire course. Make sure this is really what you want to do before you choose this option.
  7. If you clicked Copy All Components you will see this screen. When it is done processing, click View Content to view the components copied over.imexp7
  8. If you chose Select Components you will see a screen that lists several categories of components you can copy into this course. Choose the components you want to copy.You can either Copy All Items or Select Individual Items to Copy. Once you have made your selections, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue.
    Important!If you want to copy your content page you must bring the Content and the Content Files.Without the files you will have the links on the content page but when students click on them they will not be able to see the file it was supposed to bring up.Additionally, Content Desplay Settings are the descriptions, release dates or release conditions. Also bring these or your content topic descriptions will not move over.If you chose Copy All Items on this page, when you click Continue it will show you the copying message shown in step 7 and you are finished. If you chose to Select Individual Items to Copy continue to the next step.
  9. If you chose the option to Select Individual Items to Copy you will be taken to a screen to choose what you want to copy. Click the checkboxes next to the components you want to copy, then click Continue at the bottom of the page. Click the + buttom next to groups of components to open what is inside.imexp9
  10. Once you have gone through all the categories from which you wanted to select individual items to copy, you will see a confirmation screen listing what you have chosen. You can either click Go Back, Modify, or Finish. Make your selection.imexp10
  11. When you click Finish you will see a progress bar then confirmation that the copy is complete. When it is done click View Content to be taken to the content page to see the copied components.imexp11


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