How to create a calculated grade item in D2L

This video shows how to create a calculated grade item in Desire2Learn.

You can use this to:

  • Show students the current overall grade they have in the course
  • Give a midterm grade
  • Create a calculated total for a category, such as quizzes or homework
  • Give a summative grade for any group of assignment

It is important to note that this is not the same as releasing the final grade. You must use the official Release Final Grade process. (Note: This process is not currently required. It will show a final grade to the students in D2L, but it will NOT send that grade to Jenzibar – as of 11/20/2014)

Updated 11/19/2014. Thanks to Craig Romanec from the D2L community for the info below.

Difference between Final Grade Calculation and Milestone Grade Calculation options

The Milestone option for calculated grade items displays a grade based on the sum of all weighted denominators after all ungraded items are removed for a user.

Here are some examples to help explain this; they all are based on a calculated item named Midterm Grade based on two numeric grade items, Quiz 1 and Quiz 2, where the grade settings are configured to use a weighted final and to drop ungraded items.

Final Grade Calculation

Noteworthy is that the third student is being given full category credit (25/25) for Quiz 1 in the Midterm Grade.

Milestone Grade Calculation

Here, the third student is being given credit for the part of the category completed — Quiz 1 — (12.5/12.5) in the Midterm Grade.

The difference between the two is almost semantics. Either way the third student is accorded 100%, but with the milestone example it’s clearer that the 100% is from part of the course work, with the remainder course work not being included. For this reason, I would likely use the Milestone Calculated Grade for any progress points in the Grades tool.


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