1. In your course, click on Dropboxes on the gray navigation bar
    dropboxes 1
  2. On the Dropbox Folders menu, click on the name of the dropbox you want to grade (not the context menu dropdown arrow).
    dropboxes 2
  3. The top of the page allows you to sort the list below. Use the sort features, or, scroll down to see the full list of students and their submissions.
  4. Click on the name of the document listed under a student’s name to grade it.
    dropboxes 4
  5. Use the document viewer to review your student’s submission.
    dropboxes 5
  6. Enter the student’s earned score in the column on the right.
    dropboxes 6
  7. Enter feedback for the student.
    dropboxes 7
  8. Click Publish when you are done. This will publish the grade and feedback for the student to see as well as push the grade to the gradebook.dropboxes 8


Want to learn more?

Visit the How to Use Microsoft Word to Write Comments in Student Papers tutorial to do even more with dropbox feedback.

Based on D2L v. 10.2

How to grade dropboxes in D2L

2 thoughts on “How to grade dropboxes in D2L

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