Many quizzes created in Desire2Learn will be autograded. If you crate  questions and assign a correct answer, such as with multiple choice questions, D2L can autograde these for you. Therefore, no grading is necessary.

However, if you are using short answer or long answer questions, or you want to adjust a grade for a fill in the blank question, you will use the process below.

How to grade quizzes in Desire2Learn

  1. Click on quizzes on gray navigation bar
    quizzes 1
  2. Click the context menu dropdown arrow next to the quiz you want to grade and select Grade.
    quizzes 2
  3. Underneath each student’s name you will see the quiz listed by attempt. Click the attempt you want to grade.
    quizzes 3
  4. Scroll down past the quiz info about the attempt and the timing, etc, to see the quiz questions.
  5. For each question you will see the question and the student’s response. After reading their response, assign a score.
    quizzes 5
  6. To give additional feedback, click Expand question feedback and type your feedback in the box.
    quizzes 6
  7. Repeat this process for each quiz question.
  8. When you are finished, click Save and Close.

How to grade quizzes in Desire2Learn

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