When grading dropbox submissions in Desire2Learn it will display the documents right in the grading view for you. However, you are not able to write directly into the document from that view.

You can use Microsoft Word to write comments in the document and then send that document back to the student using the same D2L dropbox.

Below are instructions on how to complete this process.

How to use Microsoft Word 2010 to write comments on student papers in Desire2Learn 10.2

  1. Navigate to the dropbox you want to grade an open the student’s submission
    dropboxes 4
  1. Click the download button at the bottom of the page.
    download 1
  2. In the box that opens, choose Save As and save the file to your computer.
    save as
  3. Open the file in Microsoft Word and read the document.
    downloads 4
  4. When you come to a section you would like to comment on, highlight the section by right clicking and dragging your mouse.
    downloads 5
  5. On the top toolbar in Word, click on Review and then New Comment.
    downloads 6

    This will create a speech bubble to the right of the document with the text you highlighted referenced.
    downloads 6b
  1. Click in the comment box and type your comments.
    downloads 7
  2. When you are finished writing, simply click outside the speech bubble to deselect the comment.
  3. When you are finished with your comments, save the document and navigate back to Desire2learn.
  4. On the grading page for that student’s submission, click Add a File under the Feedback box.
    add a file
  5. Click Upload, choose your file, and click Add.
    add a file 2
  6. Your file is now listed under the Feedback box.
    add a file 3
  7. When you are finished grading and giving feedback, click Publish.
    dropboxes 8

How to use Word to write comments on student papers in D2L

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