You can use this process to request an event on the official Ursuline calendar.

Mozilla Firefox is the best browser to use when accessing the Ursuline calendar.

It is important to note that you still need to get approval from anyone in charge of your program or the supplies you need before you request an event. Also, all requests for catering, facilities assistance, AV, or other support must be submitted separately.

The calendar request is simply a request to reserve a meeting space and to advertise events on the calendar.

How to request an event on the Ursuline calendar

    1. To access the calendar, visit, click on Quick Links, and choose 1
    2. Under Event Calendars, click on Classrooms, click on the calendar you for the type of event you would like to schedule.
      cal 2
    3. If you want to request a specific room for your event, first search to see if the room is available.
    4. In the top right corner, click Request 14
    5. Enter your contact information. The contact name will be displayed on the calendar but not your contact 15
    6. Enter event 16
    7. The meeting name from the Event Details will be transferred into Event Meetings. Use the dropdown to choose the Meeting Type.
      Enter an event description, choose the Max Attendance (for planning purposes), and check the box for Requires Room if 17
    8. Under Meeting Recurrence, choose either Single Meeting, Recurring, or Spanning. Choose Start Time and End Time, and the date or 18
    9. When you have your dates and times set, choose 19
    10. When you click Create your event will be added to the Meetings section to the right of the Meeting 20
    11. Click the check-box next to the event you would like to request a room for, and click Request 21
    12. Use the filters to select what type of room you would like to 22
    13. Choose from the rooms available listed on the right. To select a room, click where it says Available and this will change to say Requested.
      cal 24
    14. Many of the classrooms have a small icon next to it. If you hover over the icon it will give in you more information about the room, such as 25
    15. When you have chosen the room you want to reserve choose OK in the bottom right corner.
    16. Scroll down and enter any other applicable additional information.It is important to note that this is NOT a place to request facilities assistance, catering, or AV assistance. This is simply a note to the person scheduling the 27
    17. When you are finished, click Submit Request in the bottom right corner.
    18. You will receive and email confirming the request, and then an additional email with either a request approval or a request for additional information.

How to request an event on the Ursuline calendar

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