Mozilla Firefox is the best browser to use when accessing the Ursuline calendar.

  1. To access the calendar, visit, click on Quick Links, and choose 1
  2. You do not need to log in to view the calendar. Choose one of the calendars along the left side to 2
  3. On the calendar page you can use the sorting options at the top to change your view to a list, a week, or a month. Use the arrows next to the month or week at the top of the page to move between dates. Also, you can use the dropdown arrows next to the calendar or filter to adjust what you are seeing on your screen.cal3
  4. Once you have chosen the view you want to use, you can see the items on the calendar 4
  5. To view more information about the event, hover your mouse over the icon under each listing.
    *Important! You might have trouble seeing the additional information if you are using a browser other than Firefox.

cal 5

Want to learn more?

How to view the Ursuline calendar

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