image of printer It is possible to print paper copies of D2L quizzes. However, this isn’t a task completed through Desire2Learn but rather is done using Respondus.

Ursuline does not have a campus-wide subscription of Respondus, so if you do not have a personal copy you can request a paper copy be made for you through IT.

To request a paper copy be created and emailed to you, please do the following:

From your Ursuline email address, email with the following information:

  • Your name
  • The course in Desire2Learn you would like a quiz to be printed from. Include course number, section number, and semester.
  • The name of the quiz you would like a printable copy made for
  • If you would like more than one version printed. By default, the quiz questions and answers will be randomized. You can request more than one version so that the questions are randomized in different ways.

Only quizzes coming from an instructors Ursuline email address can receive printed copies of exams. This is a precaution to safeguard against unauthorized access to your assessments.

What you will receive:

  • A Microsoft Word document this the quiz questions randomized. There is very minimal formatting that comes out of Respondus: they are by no means pretty. However, the document is fully editable so you can adjust fonts, sizes, and other styles to meet your preferences.
  • A list of the correct answers with the letter of the correct answer only.
  • You will not receive an answer key ready to be put through a Scantron or the Inspiroscan system. You will also not receive blank answer forms unless you request them as well.

If you do have your own copy of Respondus, here are instructions on printing paper copies of the quiz. Though these are specific to Blackboard, the process is the same except your Respondus “personality” should be set to D2L.

How do I print paper copies of D2L quizzes?

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