1. First, download the test bank from your publisher’s site. Try the Desire2Learn package first, and if that doesn’t work try the Blackboard version of the test bank.It will download as a .zip file. Don’t extract the files. The .zip file is what you need to upload to D2L.
  2. Navigate to your D2L course and click on the Edit Course button.
    import test 1
  3. Click on Import/Export/Copy Components.
    import test 2
  4. Choose Import Components, then click Browse.
    import test 3
  5. Use the file browser to locate your file, click on the fine, and then click Open to select it.
    import test 4
  6. Your file name will now be listed next to the browse button. Click Start to start the import.
    import test 5
    *Important! If you downloaded more than one quiz in one .zip file you will need to extract all the text banks from the combined file and upload each individual .zip file. D2L can only upload one quiz worth of questions at a time. If you are having trouble, email your .zip file to helpdesk@ursuline.edu with information about what course it should be in.
  7. You will see a progress screen that shows you the import is working. When you see two green arrows click Continue.
    import test 7
  8. Fill in the Import Options form.
    Give your quiz a name in the line that says “Import file to…”. It is essential that you do not use any characters other than letters or numbers for this quiz name. If you use punctuation or spaces it might upload correctly but then not display your quiz.  Keep it concise but descriptive.
    Next, choose Do not overwrite the existing file.
    Check the box next to import metadata.
    Under select components to import, choose either Select all components or Select individual items to import. If you choose Select individual items then the next screen will allow you to pick the questions to import.
    Then, click Continue.
    import test 8
  9. Confirm your choices and click Continue. Or, click Go Back to make changes.
  10. You will see a progress screen again showing that the process is working. When all the lines have green check marks next to them, click Continue.
    import test 10
  11. You will see a message that tells you the import was successful. From here either choose Import another package or View Content.
  12. You can find your quiz questions now by clicking on Quizzes and then Question Library.

You have not created a quiz yet, you have simply imported the questions. Below are instructions for creating and working with quizzes. Remember, the layout of the quizzes tabs has been improved in D2L 10.3.

How to import publisher test banks into Desire2Learn

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