Desire2Learn Self-Guided Training for Instructors: Just the Baiscs

The following help guides provides the information a new instructor needs to get started with Desire2Learn at Ursuline.

The college-wide guidelines required that you include your syllabus and an active grade book in Desire2Learn, and this guide will take you through that process. Additional requirements may exist from other supervisors, so please check with your supervisor for what is required of your specific course.

  1. Accounts and Getting Started

    1. Insure you have an Ursuline ID number and email address.
    2. Log in to Office 365 to start using your email. User your full Ursuline email address, including @ursuline.eduLog in here:
    3. If you are full time faculty on campus, set up Outlook on your computer.
  2. Desire2Learn Training

    1. Log in to Desire2Learn:
    2. View the Introduction to Desire2Learn training video or attend a D2L Basics workshop on campus. <Video has been updated 10/31/2014.
    3. Talk with your department head about previous materials available to you. If they are created you are able to copy previous course materials into your new D2L classrooms so you don’t have to start from scratch.
  3. Setting your course start and end dates

    1. Choose and set your course start and end dates, and set it to active.
      The start and end dates in Desire2Learn are when the course will be available to students. You can open it earlier, extend it past the end of the course, or leave it open indefinitely. It’s up to you. By default, the start date is 30 days before the first day of class and the end date is 7 days after the end. You can change these dates to whatever you want them to be. These dates are when the course is visible to students.Once you have your start and end dates chosen, make sure you also set the course to Active or it will not open on the day you specified.
  4. Enrollment

    1. Enroll other instructors, TA’s, and anyone else who will need access to your course.
      This is commonly used for clinical adjuncts, TAs, or other instructors who you want to be able to see and help you with your D2L classroom. You do not need to enroll students; they will be enrolled automatically.
  5. Course Content

    1. Learn about the way the Content tool is organized and designed to be used.
    2. If you have content form a previous or master course you would like to bring over, use the Import/Export/Copy components tool to bring the content into your course.
    3. Create course outline: Modules and submodule structure
      *What Desire2Learn calls “modules” are basically just organizational folders. This name does not correspond to the UCAP Modules.
    4. Upload your syllabus and any other documents you want to post for your students
    5. Upload any important files and create links to any important web pages
    6. Add a link to your course for student to access the Ursuline Student Resources website. The website is listed here:
    7. Post Welcome/Get Started News item
  6. Gradebook

    1. Set up your gradebook using the Setup Wizard
    2. Create grade categories and grade items
      To learn more about the grades tool visit the comprehensive Grades Step-by-Step guide.

Once you have completed these tasks, you Desire2Learn class will meet the basic university-wide requirements.

If you would like to learn more about additional tools in Desire2Learn visit the Getting Started with D2L for New Instructors: Advanced Tools resource.

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