Getting started with Desire2Learn Dropboxes for Instructors

Dropboxes are one of the most powerful assessment tools in Desire2Learn. It allows you to collect student work virtually, grade without using paper or ink, and immediately publish feedback to the Desire2Learn Grades tool.

The resources below show how to get started with Dropboxes

Getting Started with Desire2Learn 10.3 Dropboxes

  1. How to create a dropbox
  2. Setting dropbox folder availability and due dates
  3. Setting release conditions for a dropbox folder
  4. Adding special access permissions to a dropbox folder – commonly used when allowing late submissions
  5. Editing dropbox categories and folders
  6. Reordering dropbox categories and folders
  7. Deleting dropbox categories and folders
  8. Restoring deleted dropbox folders

Grading Dropboxes

  1. Viewing dropbox folder file submissions
  2. How to grade dropbox submissions in Desire2Learn
  3. Marking dropbox folder submissions as read or unread
  4. Downloading dropbox folder submission files
  5. Uploading and attaching feedback from downloaded submission files
  6. Retracting published feedback
  7. How to use Microsoft Word to write comments in student dropbox submissions
  8. Evaluating students who did not submit or those who submitted outside the dropbox

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