It is good practice to bring your resources into Desire2Learn whenever possible rather than sending students out of your online classroom. This helps them stay focused as well as gives you an opportunity to give instructions and context to a resource.

One good way to do this is to use embed code to bring media into Desire2Learn. Many media sources, such as, YouTube, TeacherTube, and infographic sites provide embed code so you can easily bring their content to your students without worrying about copyright violations or the tech to make media play.

Below are instructions for adding embed code to Desire2Learn.

Inserting media in Desire2Learn using embed code

  1. Access your Desire2Learn course, click on content, and navigate to the module you would like to add the video to.
  2. Click on New and then Create a File embed code 2
  3. In the new HTML file that opens enter a title for your page.
  4. On the tool bar click on the Insert Stuff button.
    embed code 4
  5. On the left side click Enter Embed Code
    embed code 5
  6. Do not close the Desire2Learn window. Use a new tab or window to go back to the web page where your embed code is.
  7. Copy the embed code for the media you want to embed.
  8. Navigate back to the Desire2Learn Insert Stuff menu. Paste your embed code into the box. You don’t need to change any of the code: just paste it into the box.
    embed code 8
  9. Click Next in the bottom left corner of the Insert Stuff box.
  10. This screen will show you a preview of your media. If this screen is blank you are experiencing an error caused by browsers settings and blocked active mixed content. But we can work around it. Contact the Instructional Technology Specialist for help getting the media into your course.
  11. If your preview looks correct click Insert.
  12. You will now see your video inside the HTML editor. Make any other edits you want to make to the page and click Publish.embed code 12

Inserting media in Desire2Learn using embed code

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