Desire2Learn Overview for Students

What is Desire2Learn?

Desire2Learn is Ursuline’s Learning Management System (LMS). If you are familiar with Blackboard, Moodle, or Canvas, D2L is similar.

An LMS is an online system to support all your classes, whether face-to-face, blended, hybrid, or online. Your instructor can upload documents and media for you to read or watch, give and collect assignments, facilitate online discussions, give you grades, post announcements, and much more.

Do I have you use Desire2Learn? Can’t I just go to class?

All Ursuline classes have a syllabus and gradebook in Desire2Learn. Several classes have additional materials and assignments in Desire2Learn. Your instructor has been trained to make decisions about how Desire2Learn can best help your class, so they will describe to you exactly how Desire2Learn will be used in each course. Make sure to follow your instructor’s directions about how and when Desire2Learn will be used in your course.

How do I get started?

After you are admitted and you have registered for your courses, you will be able to log into Desire2Learn. The username and password are the same as for the other Ursuline systems.

Once you are logged into Desire2Learn, you will see a box at the top of the page that says Getting Started with Desire2Learn for Students. This provides links to Desire2Learn self-guided training tools. There are also Desire2Learn student workshops the first week of regular semester fall classes, as well as specially scheduled sessions for UCAP and non-traditional schedule courses. These will be advertised around campus, in the Desire2Learn news items, and on the Online at Ursuline Teaching And Learning With Technology blog.

Desire2Learn Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any specific software to use Desire2Learn?
No. Desire2Learn works on all computer models, including mobile devices. We do recommend that you use the Mozilla Firefox browser instead of Internet Explorer or Chrome because it is more reliable with Desire2Learn. You can download Mozilla Firefox for free.

I’m a new student. I can log in to my email but not to Desire2Learn. Help!
You won’t be able to log into Desire2Learn until 2 days after you have registered for classes. If you register late, please have your adviser contact the Instructional Technology Specialist, and we can expedite the process under exceptional circumstances.

I registered for classes and paid my bill but my classes still aren’t showing up in D2L. Help!
You instructor has the power to make the course available when they are ready. By default, it will not show up until 30 days before the class starts, but the instructor can keep it unavailable longer if they are working on getting things ready. If you are concerned, check your registration in MyUrsuline or contact your instructor.

I don’t remember my username or password. Help!
Your username and password are the same as those used for your Ursuline email and MyUrsuline. If you can’t remember these, send an email to, and they will reset your account.

I don’t know how to use the tools in my class. What do I do?
To get started learning how to use Desire2Learn, log in and look for the Getting Started with Desire2Learn for Students widget at the top of the home page. If you see this title but not any content under it, click the title to expand the content. First, click on Video Basics and view the Navigation video. Then, view the video for any other tools you need to use in your course.You can find additional help resources in the Desire2Learn Student Resources Portal and the Help 10.3 help guides.

Where to get tech help
This website is a library of help guides for students, faculty, and staff. From any page, use the search box in the top right corner to look for answers to your questions.

Atomic Learning 
Atomic learning is a library of comprehensive video tutorials on over 200 different computer applications. It includes videos on Microsoft Office, Desire2Learn, and much more. When you click the link to Atomic Learning, enter your Ursuline username (no @ursuline required) and your password to access the site. Then use the search bar to search for an application.

In Desire2Learn

You can find help from any page in Desire2Learn by clicking on Help Topics on the gray navigation bar. In addition to links to Atomic Learning and the Online at Ursuline help guide library, there are two other resources: Help 10.3 and Video Basics.

Student Desire2Learn Resource Portal

The Student D2L resource portal is a practice classroom with training information and practice activities. You can find the resource portal on the front page once you log in to Desire2Learn. In the portal you will find instructions to find the tutorial videos. The videos are short 2-3 minute instructions on using each of the D2L tools you might need for your classes. Also, there are practice activities for you to try. This way you can practice using the discussions, dropboxes, and quizzes before you need to use these tools for a grade.

d2l student

Help 10.3

Help 10.3 is a comprehensive text-based help guide to Desire2Learn for both instructors and students. When you visit the page, click Search, then type in your search terms and click Go. Then, choose from the results.

Contact the Help Desk

By Email:

Give them your name, your Ursuline email address (if emailing from another address), and a description of the problem.

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