In addition technology tool know-how, it is also important to have a foundation in the pedagogy of teaching with technology. Whether you teach a fully face-to-face course, you have online assignments in between classes, or you teach a fully online course, technology is a tool that can add to your class.

During the fall of 2014 a four-part webinar series was offered on this topic. Below are links to the recordings.

Best Practices in Blended Learning

During this workshop we will learned about important pedagogy tools to help you make decisions about the technology that can help your course. Specifically, we learned about the TPACK model, the SAMR model, and ways to think about technology in your teaching. The goal of this workshop was to give you the tools to approach technology in a way that enhances your teaching, helps your students learn, and uses your time effectively.

Best Practices in Hybrid Teaching

During this workshop we took extended what we learned in the Best Practices in Blended Learning series. We talked about ways that you can use technology to help engage your students beyond the classroom walls. Whether you are thinking about replacing your lectures with videos, increasing hands on activities during class time, or giving students more responsibility for their own learning, this workshop will give you the tools to get started.

Putting Your Class Online on Short Notice

Between snow, power outages, and other unpredictable circumstances, it is likely that you will have a class canceled at some point. With Desire2Learn you still have a way to keep your class moving forward so you don’t lose precious class time. During this workshop we looked at what you need to do to put your course online on short notice. You will leave this workshop with a firm understanding of what is needed to put a class online quickly and tools to help you actually do this if the need arises.

Best Practices in Online Teaching

I didn’t actually create a workshop by this title but rather am offering  a special full day workshop on this topic. The workshop is titled Applying the Quality Matters Rubric. This workshop is frequently offered through the Ohio QM Consortium.

Applying the Quality Matters Rubric

View the Ohio QM Consortium calendar to see when this will be offered. 

This is a full day workshop that covers the basics of online teaching best practices through the lens of the Quality Matter’s rubric. You must be able to attend the full day in order to receive official QM credit for the workshop.

During the workshop you will learn:

  1. How to identify the underlying principles of Quality Matters
  2. How to identify the important elements of the QM program, including the QM rubric, the materials available to faculty, the elements of the QM process, and the administrative components to support the program.
  3. How to apply the current rubric to review online courses
  4. How to apply the concept of alignment to online course design
  5. How to write recommendations for online courses to help faculty improve their courses.

Want to know more?

Best Practices in Teaching and Learning with Technology Workshop Series

2 thoughts on “Best Practices in Teaching and Learning with Technology Workshop Series

  1. Wednesday, September 17th from 10-11 am in Mullen 141
    I am interested in attending this session but do not see where to sign up for it.

    Jan Bruml


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