The definitions below are very broad. They are meant to draw attention to the distinctions between the characteristics of different types of courses to help differentiate the tools and techniques applicable to each type of course. Each type has it’s own affinities and weaknesses, and you should make decisions about your course in a way that adds more to the course than could be done without that technology.

Face-to-Face Course (Face2Face, F2F)

In Face2face courses no technology projects are required outside of class time for students to earn credit in the course. A course can still be considered f2f if extra, optional, or supplemental resources are available online, or if online technologies are utilized during the class period.

Blended Course (sometimes also called web-enhanced)

In blended, or web-enhanced courses, students are required to complete tasks outside of the physical classroom in order to fully complete the course.  There are many types of blended courses, such as using discussion boards or dropboxes between classes, using a flipped classroom content delivery model, or online quizzes between classes.

The important distinction between blended and hybrid is that a hybrid course has a reduced amount of time the students spend in the physical classroom, in a blended course there is no reduction in seat time.

Hybrid Course

In a hybrid course some activities, tasks, or assignments are moved online and, therefore, the amount of time students spend in the physical classroom is reduced accordingly. This is not the same as an internship unless that internship has accompanying online assignments or activities that accompany the internship. Examples of a hybrid course can vary widely in terms of format. A course might meet only once during a semester to take an exam, or they may meet every other week to discuss the work they have been doing during the other time.

Online Course

Online courses are those where no physical presence is required to complete the course. Optional face-to-face options can be included to supplement the course. But, to be a truly online course these face-to-face options can not be required.

A Brief Introduction to Tech-Enhanced Course Types

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