Panopto User Guides and How-To Videos

Update: View a shortened version of the Panopto Demo here.

The videos and resources below will help you learn to use Panopto Recorder to create your videos and the Video Content Management System to play back videos.

To access Ursuline’s Panopto trial site, visit  This trial will expire on October 6th, 2014.

Panopto is compatible with most video and audio recording systems. Learn more about the specific equipment that works with Panopto.

Quick Start Guide 

This guide will show you how to:

  • Record a session
  • View a session
  • Share a session
  • Edit a session

Panopto Video Support Page

Click on each section title to see the videos listed within that category. Selected videos are linked below to get you started.

Complete Panopto Documentation Page

This page provides text-based help guides for all of the tasks in the videos above and much more.

Video player icon
You can use upload your already created videos to Panopto as well. For example, you can publish a voice over Power Point as a video and then upload it to Panopto. You could even upload several at one time. 

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