The resources below were from the workshop titled Best Practices in Hybrid Teaching. You can view the full webinar recording below, access the Power Point, visit referenced materials, or visit additional resources.

This workshop is number 2 in the Best Practices in Teaching with Technology Series. Learn more about the series or visit the resources from the first workshop: Best Practices in Blended Learning 

Best Practices in Hybrid Teaching Lunch Break Webinar from Online at Ursuline on Vimeo.

References and Additional Resources

  1. TPACK Explained 
  2. Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains – The revised taxonomy and more on the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains.
  3. Instructional Objectives Builder – A nice animation covering Bloom and a really useful tool for creating measurable learning objective.
  4. Aligning Assessments with Instructional Objectives 
  5. Professor Lancelot: This example offers the story of one instructor whose course could use some help with alignment.

Sources for Course Content

  • Flat World Knowledge: Customizeable Textbooks
  • Creative Commons – works that are free to share and use and remix. They also have a search engine to search works marked as Creative Commons.
  • College Open Textbooks – free textbooks that could be used in many ways. You could supplement a textbook with chapters from other books, or even choose a free textbook as your main content source.
  • MIT Open Courseware – Instructional materials produced by MIT that are free to use in your course. Many other universities offer Open Courseware as well. View a list of some Open Courseware resources.
  • Merlot II – “MERLOT is a curated collection of free and open online teaching, learning, and faculty development services contributed and used by an international education community.”
  • Films on Demand – A large library of documentaries on many subjects that can be embedded directly into your D2L classroom. You can access this collection through the library. Contact the Media Center for more info.
  • Open Education Resources Commons – A large library of peer-reviewed lessons, activities, and multimedia tools to use in your classroom. Use the Advanced Search to filter to Higher Education.


Best Practices in Hybrid Teaching Workshop Resources

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