Once you have joined the WebEx meeting you will need to setup your audio to be able to hear the presenter or talk to the participants. You can either call using your computer speakers or using the telephone. You do not need a microphone, though it can be helpful.

Please note that Ursuline’s current WebEx subscription does not provide a toll free number to call from your phone. Please call from your computer to avoid long distance charges.

  1. Once you have joined the meeting you will see the following screen: webex meeting 1
  2. Click on Test computer audio under Call Using Computer. Then, click on Text next to the Speakers and Microphone. Follow the instructions on screen to complete the test.
    webex meeting 2
  3. Once you have completed the test successfully, click Call Using Computer.
  4. You are now able to hear the presenter, talk (if you are using a microphone or the telephone), send chat messages, and view whatever the presenter puts on the screen.

Setting up your audio in a WebEx meeting

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