WebEx is a virtual meeting platform that allows up to 25 people synchronously online. You are able to present using audio and webcam videos, Power Points, and other applications you can share from your desktop. It is a great tool to hold an online synchronous session to bring all your students together online at one time if they are unable to meet together on campus.

The video below will show some of the key features of WebEx. Also below are helpguides to common WebEx tasks for participants as well as a video showing how WebEx can be used in the classroom.

WebEx Help Guides form Ursuline

  1. How to join a WebEx meeting for Participants
  2. Setting up  your audio in a WebEx meeting
  3. Turing your microphone and webcam on or off in a WebEx meeting

Visit the WebEx support page for more helpguides   

Ursuline does not currently have a campus-wide subscription to WebEx, but we do have an account that instructors can request to use. If demand grows we can look into additional licensing.

Extra Credit

To give you ideas for how you can use video conferencing in your classes view the example below. The video below shows how one school is using video conferencing to bring together students from around the world.

WebEx User Guides

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