The following process will allow Ursuline students to download the latest version of Microsoft Office for free as well as access other features. Faculty and staff, you do not need to complete this process. This is a new feature that was recently added for students that came with the original Faculty/Staff accounts.

  1. Visit the Office 365 Pro sign up page to get started.
  2. Enter your full Ursuline email address, including the
    Office 365 2
  3. You will see a message that says You already have an account. This is because you do have an Office 365 account, but isn’t connected to Office 365 Pro yet. Click Continue to start this connection.
    office 365 2b
  4. You will be brought to the Office 365 login screen. Log in using your Ursuline email address (including the and your password. Click Sign In.
    office 365 4
  5. You will now see a message that says No need to sign up. Again, this is because you are already signed up. Click Ok, got it to continue.
    office 365 5It might also say Almost There and then ask you to click start. For either of these two messages, click OK, got it or choose Start.
    356 new
  6. Your account is now connected. You can either download Office now by clicking Install Now, or you can come back at a later time and download Office.
    office 365 6

Students: How to connect your Ursuline Email to download Office for free

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