A.K.A. Best Practices in Online Classroom User Experience Design

These resources accompany a workshop of the same title. The recoding of the webinar is below along with the interactive list used for the workshop.

Setting your students up for success with D2L tools from Online at Ursuline on Vimeo.

Imagine you are a student. You are told to log in to Desire2Learn, visit your D2L classroom, look at the syllabus, and start participating in online discussions. If you are completely new to Ursuline would you know how to do this?

These best practices apply to any class that uses an online classroom, not just a fully online or hybrid course.

7 Best Practices in Online Classroom User Experience Design

  1. Create clear instructions on where to get started and how to find course components.
    D2L Tools and resources: News Items, D2L Homepage Getting Started with D2L for Students resources, Sample semester start email
  2. Introduce yours students to the purpose and structure of the course
    D2L Tool: Video/Audio Notes, News Items, Start Here module
  3. Explain your expectations of their online etiquette
    D2L Tool: Quicklinks to Netiquette policy when applicable, especially in discussions
  4. Course, department, and university policies are clearly stated for students
    D2L Tool: Start Here Module with policies, or in D2L classroom links
  5. Minimum Technology requirements and prerequisite knowledge are clearly stated
    D2L Tool: Start Here Module or Syllabus, Atomic Learning for help
  6. An instructor self-introduction is present online
    D2L Tool: Profile Picture in Desire2Learn
  7. Students are asked to introduce themselves in class
    D2L Tool: Discussions, and student profile setup

This list is based on the Quality Matters rubric standard 1. Suggestions and tolls are based on the experience of Ursuline’s Instructional Technology Specialist. These guidelines are important, but there are many ways you could implement these best practices. If you have an idea you would like to share, email Teresa Potter and we can put your example on the showcase page.

Organizing your Classroom for Student Success

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