Sometimes you are unable to see an embedded piece of media within Desire2Learn. Your screen will simply have a blank spot where your instructor has intended the media to appear. The reason for this is that your browser is blocking active mixed media. This is a security feature of most browsers, and it isn’t important that you know what this means. However, it is important that you know how to recognize and fix this problem.

You might encounter this problem anywhere on the internet, and outside of Desire2Learn you should only complete this process on websites you trust. It is a very important security feature that is causing problems in D2L, not a bug that doesn’t serve a purpose.

How to fixed blocked mixed media in Mozilla Firefox

  1. If you think that there is media on your page that should be displayed but isn’t, look to the top of your browser window on the left side of the address bar. If mixed media is being blocked you will see a gray shield like the one shown below.
    mixed media 1
  2. In order to view the media that is currently being blocked, click on the shield, click on the arrow next to the words Keep Blocking, and then choose Disable Protection on this page. mixed media 2
  3. Once you have disabled protection you will see a yellow triangle in your address bar that tells you the content is no longer being blocked. mixed media 3

Additional Resources

How to enable mixed content in Mozilla Firefox

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