Student and Faculty Technology Showcase – Call for Submissions

Do you have a technology project you would like to share with the world? Did you teach a wonderful lesson where technology helped you reach your goals? If so, then we would love to showcase your work for the world.

One of the most useful attributes of online education is the ability to utilize resources shared by others as well as showcase our own work. In an effort to contribute to the open sharing and display of online work, Online at Ursuline is seeing submissions of student and faculty work.

Examples of submissions include:

  • Instructors looking to display a group of class projects
  • Individual students wanting to share their work
  • An instructor willing to share their teaching and learning practices that benefit from technology
  • Any other topic that you would like to share with the world.

Students, this is a great way to showcase your work for future employers. Instructors, this is a great way to share ideas with other instructors and add to your personal portfolio at the same time.

If you have information you would like to showcase please email to share your idea.