How to change your Ursuline Password

Your password for your Ursuline email, MyUrsuline, and Desire2Learn are all synced together. When you change one it will change them all to match.

In order to change your password you must be on Ursuline’s campus using an Ursuline computer.

How to change your password:

1. Log on to an Ursuline computer on campus.
2. On your keyboard hold down the Ctrl key, the Alt key and the Delete key all at the same time.

ctrl alt delete
3. Choose Change Password.
change password 1
4. Follow the directions to enter your old password, a new password, and then the new password again to confirm.

Learn more about how to create a strong password
Check the strength of your password 

5. Once you have entered your info, click the arrow on the side of the passwords box to enter the changes.
6. Click OK.

You must be on an Ursuline campus computer in order to perform the password change.

If you are unable to come to campus you must send an email to If you are unable to access your Ursuline email please use an alternative email address.

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