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How to Get Tech Support at Ursuline

1. Online at Ursuline

This website is a library of help guides for students, faculty, and staff. From any page use the search box in the top right corner to look for answers to your questions.

2. Atomic Learning 

Atomic learning is a library of comprehensive video tutorials on over 200 different computer applications. It includes videos on Microsoft Office, Desire2Learn, and much more.

When you click the link to Atomic Learning, enter your Ursuline username (no @ursuline required) and your password to access the site. Then, use the search bar to search for an application.

atomic learning 1

3. In Desire2Learn

You can find help from any page in Desire2Learn by clicking on Help Topics on the gray navigation bar. In addition to links to Atomic Learning and the Online at Ursuline help guide library, there are two other resources.

help topics 2

Help 10.2 (Soon to be Help 10.3)

Help 10.2 is a comprehensive text-based help guide to Desire2Learn for both instructors and students. When you visit the page, click Search, then type your search germs and click Go. Then, choose from the results below.

help 10.2 1


Video Basics

Video basics are videos from the student perspective showing how to accomplish common tasks in Desire2Learn. Choose the video you want to watch on the left and use the player buttons at the bottom to control the video.

It is important to note that there is no sound in these videos. The instructions on the screen show you how to perform the actions so you can easily access the content without needing audio.

video basics 1

4. Contact the Help Desk

By Email:

Give them your name, your Ursuline email address (if emailing from another address) and a description of the problem.

By Phone: 440-684-6013

Leave a message if no one answers.

Remember, the Ursuline Help Desk will never ask for your password. Do not give your password to anyone.

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